De-stressing the City with Puppy Power

Puppy Power – July 31st, 11a – 2p at Peavey Plaza

 Change the life of a Rescue Dog forever by clicking the image below!

Rescue Dog

De-stressing Minneapolis

with Puppy Power -

back by popular demand

July 31st, 11a – 2p at Peavey Plaza

Business workers in Minneapolis will get another chance to feel the healing power of petting a puppy to lower those stress levels, thanks to more than a dozen rescue puppies from Safe Hands Rescue and Minneapolis dog training  company, DogSense Unleashed. Continue reading…

Take a stand! Help End Minnesota Puppy Mills

Stop Minnesota Puppy Mills

Four breeding facilities in Minnesota have been listed on the HSUS 101 Worst Puppy Mills list for 2014 released earlier this month.  Yesterday, Fox 9 News broadcasted a story on A’ mazen Farmyard, one of the largest breeding facilities in the US.  During their visit to A’ mazen Farmyard they were allowed a tour through the public petting zoo, but their request for seeing the breeding facility with over 500 dogs and puppies was refused.  Wouldn’t you like to know why? Continue reading…

Invisible stray dogs suddenly seen with a little effort from teens

ESTOY AQUÍ Intervención Urbana / I AM HERE Urban Intervention from Felipe Carrasco G. on Vimeo.

Two college students Violeta Caro Pinda and Felipe Carrasco Guzman had a brilliant idea making invisible stray dogs visible.  They captioned the balloons with “scratch me,” “don’t leave me,” “play with me,” and “hug me”.  People now saw these dogs and now seeing them, they offered up some of their food and attention. Continue reading…