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Is giving your dog Time Out harmful?

Dog Time Out

There is a lot of discussion among dog trainers and behavior experts about the use of time outs or removing rewards to punish an unwanted behavior.  There are studies citing that removing rewards from a dog or child raises their cortisol (a stress hormone).  Dr. Sophia Yin explores this in her recent article “Is Removing Rewards (Negative Punishment) for Unwanted Behavior Mean?” Continue reading…

Walking your dog – chore or shared joy?

Walking your dog

You return home after a grueling day at work.  You walk into the door to an enthusiastic greeting like only those that live with a dog know.  His tail is flailing about like a helicopter on steroids from the simple joy of seeing you.  You’re home, you’re home, YOU’RE HOME!  You will never have another being in your life quite this happy to see you upon every single return. Continue reading…